April 8, 2014 Meeting

Written by Lu Patrick on .

Last month's script club had some great discussion and plenty of ideas on how to work with launching a second PowerShell instance with administrative rights. The eBook winner was Johnny L.
Be sure to join us for next Tuesday's meeting on Self-Service Automation.
Tim Curwick will be talking about "Using PowerShell to build Self-Service IT Automation".  Topics will include leveraging SharePoint as a front end user-interface and/or back-end database, working with workflows, and using an email interface.  Tim is author of the blog MadWithPowerShell.com, and is currently consulting at General Mills, converting their IT automation to a PowerShell-based system.
Our meeting location is the Center for Professional Development @ ITT Technical Institute (formerly Benchmark Learning), 4510 W. 77th Street, Edina, MN.
Please RSVP here so we can plan for food & drinks.
Looking forward to seeing you there! 

March 11, 2014 Meeting

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Thanks to Tim Cerling for a great presentation last month. The possibilities for PowerShell just keep getting better!

Congrats to Chad E as last month's book winner.

We'll be having a script club meeting this month. Bring your scripting successes and challenges to share with the group.

Please RSVP here so we have a good count for food and beverages.

Hope to see you Tuesday!



January 14, 2014 Meeting

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Happy 2014!

The December meeting was a great exchange of ideas and tips. Tim C. was our ebook drawing winner.

At the January meeting, Tim Curwick, from MadWithPowerShell.com, will speak on two topics.  In "Understanding the .Net objects in your PowerShell script", he will explore and explain the .Net objects that are part of everything PowerShell, and the chocolately goodnes they contain which we can use to sweeten our scripts.  Then in "I'm not lazy; I'm optimizing my resources," he will delve into "why we script" and use that to inform "how we script", thus simplifying scripting decisions for holistically optimizing systems and varity of other buzzwords.

We'll be meeting at Benchmark Learning, 4510 W. 77th Street in Edina, MN. Doors open at 4:30, meeting will get started at 5:00. Please RSVP here by noon 1/14/14 so we can plan for refreshments. We will not be offering this meeting remotely.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!


November 12th 2013 Meeting

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Please join us for the November 12th meeting at Benchmark Learning. Start gathering at 4:30 with the meeting to start at 5:00.

This month's meeting will be a script club meeting once we've covered some user group business. We'll have a short follow-up presentation on iSCSI and then take on your scripting challenges!!

Tim Curwick's presentation last month on using forms was great! I may have to try out some of the techniques he shared. He posted notes about his presentation on his blog. You can find it at http://www.madwithpowershell.com/2013/10/a-simple-gui-for-connecting-to-your_16.html. His blog has some other helpful information - you need to check it out!

Last month's eBook winner was Scott Best. We've added Manning Press to our sponsors - be sure to check them out!

Please RSVP here by noon on 11/12/13 so we have a good count for refreshments. There's a map to Benchmark Learning available when you RSVP.

Hope to see you on the 12th!




2013 September 10th meeting

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Please join us for our September 10th user group meeting.  We will meet at Benchmark Learning at 4510 W. 77th Street in Edina.  We'll start gathering around 4:30p.  Watch for the posted signs with the room location.  The meeting will begin at 5:00p sharp. If you'll be attending in person, please RSVP here.

We are happy to welcome Don Jones as our speaker for the September meeting.  Don is both an author and a TechNet journalist on PowerShell topics.  He is a multiple-year recipient of Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award, and he is the Editor-in-Chief for Realtime Publishers.

Don Jones will speak to us remotely about sprucing up output from PowerShell scripts.  He will show us his EnhancedHTML module, provided with his free e-book "Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell," to create dynamic, interactive management reports. He'll walk through how he actually built the module, as well as examples of how he uses it to generate share-able management reports based on inventoried system information.

Thank you to Doug Symalla for speaking in August about "Notes from the Field" and hints for a few commands that can greatly expand the utility of a script.  He showed us examples with get-host, install-windowsfeature, new-iscsivirtualdisk, and import-module nettcpip.

August's e-book winner was drawn by guest presenter Doug Symalla.  Congratulations to Terry Walker for winning that draw.  He received a certificate for a free e-book from O'Reilly. Join us at the September meeting to enter your name for the next drawing.

See you on Tuesday.

February 11, 2014 Meeting

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We had a great turnout last month to hear about .NET objects from Tim Curwick (madwithpowershell.com). Last month's ebook winner was Todd B. Congrats!
Join us for the February 11th Twin Cities PowerShell User Group meeting. The topic is automated deployment using PowerShell scripts and XML files.

What is possible when your hardware is ‘virtual’?  See how Cisco’s UCS PowerTool allows for complete control of the hardware configuration and deployment.  Over 1700 cmdlets that you can start using in a matter of minutes with basic PowerShell experience.  Tim Cerling, Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer, will present his experiences in creating automated deployment scripts based on the work he does in developing Microsoft Private Cloud solutions on Cisco UCS Hardware.  Agenda includes the following:

-       Introductory overview of UCS

-       Introduction to Cisco UCS PowerTool,  Cisco’s PowerShell module

-       Automated deployments driven by XML files and PowerShell

Tim Cerling is a Technical Marketing Engineer with Cisco’s Datacenter Group, focusing on delivering customer-driven solutions on Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center products.  Tim has been in the IT business since 1973.  He started working with Windows NT 3.5 on the DEC Alpha product line during his 19 year tenure with DEC, and he has continued working with Windows Server technologies since then with Compaq, Microsoft, and now Cisco.  During his twelve years as a Windows Server specialist at Microsoft, he co-authored a book on Microsoft virtualization technologies – Mastering Microsoft Virtualization.  Tim holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Iowa.

Please RSVP here so we have a good estimate for refreshments.

Hope to see you then!


December 10, 2013 Meeting

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We had a great meeting last month with a lot of new faces! The eBook winner was one of them - Kris P.

We also held our election for President and Vice President. Congratulations to our new VP, Tim Curwick!

During our script club discussions, I shared one of my favorite extensions to PowerShell. It creates a custom method that takes you to the right page on MSDN for the reference information about the object you’re working with. You’ll find the code on the Scripts page. It was originally posted on the PowerShell team blog.

When this group was created, we committed to having at least one meeting a year where we provided a starting point for anyone interested in PowerShell. This month’s meeting will be our Getting Started with PowerShell meeting. We cover the basics and, depending on the group, cover additional topics as time permits.

We’ll be meeting at Benchmark Learning, 4510 W. 77th Street in Edina, MN. Doors open at 4:30, meeting will get started at 5:00. Please RSVP here by noon on 12/10/13 so we have a good count for refreshments!

Hope to see you Tuesday!



October 2013 Meeting

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I hope all who were able to attend enjoyed our September presenter. Don Jones is always an entertaining, informative presenter. The Q&A following his presentation helped us better understand what's coming in PSv4 as well as what the future of DSC may bring.

The winner of September's eBook gift certificate from O'Reilly Press was Tim Plas.

Be sure to join us on October 8th for Tim Curwick's session on using a GUI form with your scripts.. Tim is going to show us how to write a simple script to create a GUI Windows form which will retrieve information about your servers in a sortable list and allow you to launch remote connections.  Then he will show what can happen if you get a little carried away, with the script for the GUI management interface for a custom PowerShell-based application which manages a 700-server private cloud development environment. 

Tim is a senior systems engineer for U.S. Bank and the author of his new blog, MadWithPowerShell.com.

We'll be meeting at Benchmark Learning, 4510 W. 77th Street, Edina, MN. Doors open at 4:30 with meeting starting promptly at 5:00.